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Beer Packaging Goes Pre-Pop-Top

When was the last time you needed a church key to open a beer? Do you even remember the once-ubiquitous church key? Once upon a time, in the days before the pull tab or the pop top, beer was sold in flat-top cans that required a special triangle-pointed opener – we still use them sometimes for things like big cans of pineapple juice. And now one beer company, the appropriately-named Churchkey Can Co., is bringing back the classic design.

Foodie Culture Set To Go Truly Mainstream

Former president and COO of McDonald’s, Mike Roberts, has a new venture in the works that might surprise you – a sustainable, grass-fed, butter-free, cream-free, white sugar-free, white flour-free, high-fructose corn syrup-free, GMO-free, trans fats-free, additives-free, and generally all-the-bad-stuff-for-you-free chain of restaurants, utilizing the much maligned but highly efficient McDonald’s style of supply chain management.

Mountain Dew Goes Malted

South America has long had malt-flavored soft drinks like Polar and Malta, and now Mountain Dew is bringing it to the states with Mountain Dew Johnson City Gold. It’ll launch in select midwestern markets this summer, following on the heels of Monster’s UberMonster, a non-alcoholic malt energy drink launched earlier this year. Check out the details over at BevNet.

Bidding With Your Run

Have trouble keeping to your running schedule? There are all kinds of psychological tricks you can use to make sure you slip on the sneakers every day, but Nike Mexico has gone right for the jugular – you can use their Facebook app to turn your Nike+ miles into money to spend on Nike products. And these aren’t just fixed prices we’re talking about, either – they’re auctions! So you’d better run extra far if you’re worried you’ll lose that breathable tank top to Bidder 357 from Acapulco.

The Sushi Cone has Arrived

Move over pizza cones, there is a new cone king in town, and he does NOT approve of your semi-melted cheese. Welcome Iconic Hand Rolls, a new grab-and-go sushi purveyor in the East Village where you can have Hiroko Shimbo whip up a fast-casual version of your favorite sushi bar specialties in a handheld cone format. With fusion rolls that incorporate ceviche and skirt steak, designed to be eaten on-the-go, who needs pizza cones OR Chipotle?

Via Eater

Pinterest Gets Into the Social Shopping Game

It was only a matter of time before Pinterest became another place to spend money on things you never knew you needed. Over the past weekend, the brains behind Pinterest analytics add-on Pintics created ShopInterest, a DIY service that lets anyone with a Pinterest account turn their boards into web shops. Look out Etsy!

Posted by Krista

Cross-Country Cookout Hits Union Square

The History Channel turned our corner of Union Square into a barbecue today, bringing in a truck-sized smoker and grill and handing out free BBQ all day. It was all part of the Cross-Country Cookout, a series of promotions across the US for their burgeoning reality TV lineup. The vibe was relaxed as New Yorkers - or, more likely, tourists - played lawn games and chatted with the cooks. We love a good interactive brand experience, and judging by the size of the crowd, History built up a Texas-sized helping of good will over the course of the afternoon.

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Genetically Engineered Bio-Kicks

We love a good customization story, but is Rayfish taking things too far? The boutique sneaker startup is offering custom kicks made from stingray leather, commonly known as shagreen, with patterns of your choosing. But these patterns aren’t just printed on the leather – they’re grown organically, by altering the ray’s genes. Sound a little sci-fi? It might be. Skeptics around the web are combing the site for signs of a hoax, and some experts have expressed doubts as to the validity of their science and the practicality of such a complex and time-consuming process.

Sam Adams Whiskey?

Surprising to some… whiskey is a spirit distilled from beer. Usually distillers work with bland beer not intended for drinking. However, this practice has been changing over the past several years with small craft brewers venturing into the world of whiskey, but now big time brewer Boston Beer Co., maker of Sam Adams is taking a crack at it. The venture will not be a money maker for Boston Beer Co.

Using Sweat to your Advantage

Columbia Sportswear recently announced Omni-Freeze Zero, a technology that uses special polymer rings on their activewear, that absorb and swell up with your sweat rather than get rid of it, cooling you down instantly.

According to Woody Blackford, head of Columbia’s 'Performance Innovation Team', "sponsored athletes using Omni-Freeze Zero have noted that in hot, humid conditions, this is the first technology that feels cooler and more comfortable than wearing nothing at all.”