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Eyes on Brooklyn for the Latest Food Startups


Brooklyn's foodie scene just keeps growing; what started as a few farm-to-table restaurants and underground dining clubs has grown into an entire ecosystem. No other place is so closely watched by the big tastemakers - which is why we went to this year's Future Food Expo, part of Taste Talks, keen to interview the latest startups.

The Tenacity of the Home-Cooked Meal

In your estimation, how often do low- and middle-income consumers cook at home? A recent study, published in the sociology journal Contexts examined that question in depth, and had some interesting findings. Vox interviewed one of the scientists behind the paper, and the resulting article is absolutely worth reading in full

E-Ink in the Checkout Line

Remember e-ink? For a moment around 2010, it looked poised to take the world by storm. While Amazon continues to use it for some Kindles - and some would say it still makes for the most readable display - it never really caught on in broader applications. But it's not dead; it remains perhaps the most power-efficient way to run a digital screen, and that feature means e-ink is showing up in some unexpected places.

Removing BPA From Your Shopping Cart - And Your Wallet

While the efforts to purge BPA from plastic bottles are well known, there are still some unexpected places where the chemical can show up. Earlier this year, it was revealed that the thermal paper used in receipts can actually transfer a measurable amount of BPA through the skin, and the race was on to find a suitable replacement. 

Giving Consumers the All-Access Pass

Ever had a particularly exhausting day shopping at Ikea and found yourself looking longingly at those beds in the showroom? Soon, your napping fantasy could be a reality. Ikea Australia recently announced that they'd be listing some of their showroom beds on AirBnB, letting consumers actually spend the night in the ultimate immersive Ikea experience.

Beer Brewers Appeal to the Consumer’s “Inner Child”

Adults don’t get the summer off, the way kids do, but there are some compensatory pleasures – like a nice cold beer. Some recent beer offerings, however, seem to be playing directly to consumers’ nostalgia for childhood.

PBJ (& B)


What does true brand loyalty look like? Well, you can't do much better than WhatsApplebee's, a new iOS app independently created by programmer Mike Lazer-Walker to let Applebee's fans network with each other. He's labeled it "The Most Exclusive New Social Network," and given that it will only work while the user is physically inside an Applebee's location, that might just be true.

Sweet on Bitters

Bitter Italian liqueurs, known as amari, have been on our trend radar for a little while now. Though their recent reemergence was led by bartenders and mixologists, it's not because these cocktail thought-leaders were adding them to menus; instead, amari became popular because drink mixers were downing them after-hours as a way to end the night and reinvigorate tired tastebuds. Word got out, of course, and we're now in the midst of a revival of complex, bitter cocktails.

Appreciating the Cultural Significance of the Veggie Burger

Contemporary meatless eating has come along way since its days as a hippie fad in the 1960s. Starting in specialty health food stores and macrobiotic restaurants, it really began to impact the mainstream by the early '70s. And a new article in Smithsonian points out that much of its success since that moment has been spearheaded by the veggie burger, invented by Londoner Gregory Sams and initially known as the VegeBurger.

P3 on Good Morning America

We're proud to announce that Good Morning America aired a segment today on Oscar Mayer's new protein-packed snack line, P3, which we helped to develop. With protein's benefits becoming more apparent - and compelling to consumers - every day, we're happy that we were able to help create an exciting brand that delivers valuable nutrients in a fun, portable way. Check out the video here to see the product and even hear a few nutrition experts weigh in.