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Appreciating the Cultural Significance of the Veggie Burger

Contemporary meatless eating has come along way since its days as a hippie fad in the 1960s. Starting in specialty health food stores and macrobiotic restaurants, it really began to impact the mainstream by the early '70s. And a new article in Smithsonian points out that much of its success since that moment has been spearheaded by the veggie burger, invented by Londoner Gregory Sams and initially known as the VegeBurger.

Whole Foods (and whole foods) in the News


Soylent Green is... Actually Pretty Good!

Readers of a certain age will likely remember the 1973 film Soylent Green, in which the inhabitants of a polluted, overcrowded world subsist on a mysterious food known only as Soylent Green. And even if you haven't seen the movie, you likely know how that turned out.

Toasting Brain Health

Some would say that Champagne is responsible for a lot of us acting pretty stupid - but a new study suggests that it could also responsible for a lot of us being pretty smart.

FDA Establishes Standard for "Gluten Free"


Whether you suffer from Celiac disease, or just choose to follow the gluten free trend, it just got a little easier to determine which foods you can eat. The FDA announced today that it has established guidelines for the use of the term "gluten free," formalizing a term which until now could be used at the discretion of the manufacturer. Foods bearing the new claim won't need to be entirely gluten free, however.

Is Junk Food the Solution?


Really Cool Pants

The summer heat has officially arrived here in NYC, and it's got us looking around for clever ways to keep cool. It might be a little extreme, but we can't say we aren't eyeing 110%'s new compression pants with built-in ice packs.

They were designed with athletic performance in mind, and the real innovation is their numerous pockets designed to hold their own proprietary ultra-thin ice sheets - which, remarkably, can even be cut to size for a better fit.

Ordering Seafood... Straight from the Ocean


Caffeinated Bees

Scientists have made an interesting discovery: caffeine can greatly improve your performance and memory – if you’re a honeybee. That’s right, it turns out a little bump in the morning helps bees remember the odors of flowers, boosting their ability to find those flowers again, and ensuring a steady supply of food.

Comfort Foods Aren't Always Comforting


Already in a bad mood? Step away from the Krispy Kremes – they will only make matters worse, according to a new study by researchers at Pennsylvania State University.

Apparently people in a bad mood are doomed to experience an even worse mood after indulging in high sugar, high fat comfort foods. One culprit could of course be a sugar crash, but we can’t place all the blame there – it turns out some commonly eaten comfort foods are chemically similar to mood enhancing drugs.