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Pop Open a Frosty Can of... Angry Birds?


Making the Fit Feminine


Coca, but not Cola

If caffeinated liqueur just isn't cutting it anymore, maybe it's time to look for something with a little more... edge. Coca Blue is a new premium liqueur made from 100% Bolivian coca leaf. Once harvested, the leaves undergo a decocanisation process in Amsterdam to remove the cocaine alkaloids before distillation - so you shouldn't get too much of a jolt with your cocktail.

Interview with Angelo Vermeulen of Biomodd


In the first of our videos from this year's Maker Faire, we talk with Angelo Vermeulen, creator of Biomodd. Currently installed at the New York Hall of Science, the project explores symbiotic relationships between computers and organic material - in this case, plants and algae - and in the process suggests some fascinating opportunities for new green technology strategies and fresh ways of thinking about our computers. Check out the video to learn more!


Ironing Out a Design

Ironing clothes can be a pain on the go – not only do you need a heavy iron and space to do it, also you need an ironing board, and even if you’ve got the full set up, there’s always that one spot in your garment that’s just impossible to get to.

Eating Local... Bugs!

So you’re pretty with-it… you’re canning in your Brooklyn kitchen, homebrewing in the garage in Portland, foraging for herbs in Austin, but are you hardcore DIY enough to grow your own protein? We’re not talking about livestock – we’re talking about bugs!

Can a Robot Be an Artisan?

While many companies are touting the handmade, small batch appeal of their products, Beijing based restaurateur Cui Runquan has developed a robot called Chef Cui that delivers perfect noodles every time. Using a high-speed, mechanized shaving system, Chef Cui cuts noodle dough into long, uniform strips.

Taking a Creative Look at Urbanization

Last night I headed out to the Flux Factory art space in Long Island City for the latest in their series of Deathmatch Debates, titled Is Small Big Enough? The question pertained to what are known as "urban interventions," projects in which designers, artists and urban planners create spaces and experiences that improve the quality of urban life.

Bracelets That Sunburn So You Don't Have To

Sometimes, toeing the line between a healthy dose of Vitamin D and a painful sunburn can be a little tricky even if you wear sunscreen. Professor Andrew Mills and Dr. Michael McFarlane formerly in the department of pure and applied chemistry at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland, have created disposable paper bracelets (like the ones worn at concerts) that let people know when they are nearing their limit of ultraviolet radiation.

Minimizing Food Waste in NYC

Excess NYC is a waste-reduction project created by artists in Madrid and New York, and its aim is to minimize the amount of food thrown out in NYC. At the heart of the project is a four-wheeled, pedal-powered vehicle that carries bodega-style shelves of food as well as a composter for gathering waste scraps. It will travel to participating restaurants and stores around the city, gathering unwanted food that can be distributed for free in local parks or, if it's too far gone, composted and delivered to community gardens as fertilizer.