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Cooling Off with... Yakitori?

Everywhere you look, it’s prime time for foods on sticks – corn dogs at the State Fair, kebabs on the backyard grill, paletas at the Brooklyn Flea. But leave it to the Japanese to combine two great skewered foods in a way that only they could want to eat: Yakitori Popsicles.

The Greatest Thing Since…?

We all know that when it comes to nutrition, “conventional wisdom” can boomerang in the space of just a few years (just look at the redemption of fat!) – giving hope to even the most demonized of foods.

At the moment, no food has a lower nutritional reputation than white bread (or what, in decades past, would just have been called “bread”). It’s been in a steep decline since 2010, when sales of whole wheat bread surpassed. And, in fact, a full 56% of shoppers say they currently want nothing to do with it.

Consumer Eyes' 10 Global Macro Trends

Whether you'll be traveling or staying close to home this Memorial Day weekend, we think it's the perfect moment to pause and take in some fresh inspiration. To help kickstart your creative thinking, we're including a list of Consumer Eyes' ten key global trends – trends that are influencing consumer decisions all over the globe and across economic strata.

The Top 6 Things to Know Before Alibaba Goes Public

Massive Chinese e-tailer Alibaba has announced plans to launch an IPO in the United States, leading to a flurry of speculation about the potential for investors to bet on the Chinese web-shopping boom. But if you think Alibaba is just Amazon-East, you're only seeing part of the picture. Here are 6 key facts you should know about this retailing giant - and about the future of China's web-savvy middle class.

Appreciating the Cultural Significance of the Veggie Burger

Contemporary meatless eating has come along way since its days as a hippie fad in the 1960s. Starting in specialty health food stores and macrobiotic restaurants, it really began to impact the mainstream by the early '70s. And a new article in Smithsonian points out that much of its success since that moment has been spearheaded by the veggie burger, invented by Londoner Gregory Sams and initially known as the VegeBurger.

Bidding Farewell To Banksy

October was a busy month for hipsters here in New York. British street artist Banksy released a new artwork in a different part of the city every day; some were traditional graffiti, while others leaned toward sculpture or performance art. Each piece had something to say about New York city, and each immediately became a part of the city as locals flocked to see, photograph, deface, or try to make off with a piece of the artwork.

Wikipedia Goes Lo-Fi


The impact of the internet can feel inescapable, and when you're inundated with technology news every day it can be easy to forget that all of those startups and apps are irrelevant to a large chunk of the global population. 

Sweet Software

Google has a longstanding tradition of naming each new iteration of its Android operating system after a dessert. We've seen Jellybean, Cupcake and even Froyo over the years – but the software giant is shaking it up a bit with the new Android 4.4, codenamed.... KitKat!

Toasting Brain Health

Some would say that Champagne is responsible for a lot of us acting pretty stupid - but a new study suggests that it could also responsible for a lot of us being pretty smart.

Mobile Tracking Takes to the Streets