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Sweet on Bitters

Bitter Italian liqueurs, known as amari, have been on our trend radar for a little while now. Though their recent reemergence was led by bartenders and mixologists, it's not because these cocktail thought-leaders were adding them to menus; instead, amari became popular because drink mixers were downing them after-hours as a way to end the night and reinvigorate tired tastebuds. Word got out, of course, and we're now in the midst of a revival of complex, bitter cocktails.

Appreciating the Cultural Significance of the Veggie Burger

Contemporary meatless eating has come along way since its days as a hippie fad in the 1960s. Starting in specialty health food stores and macrobiotic restaurants, it really began to impact the mainstream by the early '70s. And a new article in Smithsonian points out that much of its success since that moment has been spearheaded by the veggie burger, invented by Londoner Gregory Sams and initially known as the VegeBurger.

P3 on Good Morning America

We're proud to announce that Good Morning America aired a segment today on Oscar Mayer's new protein-packed snack line, P3, which we helped to develop. With protein's benefits becoming more apparent - and compelling to consumers - every day, we're happy that we were able to help create an exciting brand that delivers valuable nutrients in a fun, portable way. Check out the video here to see the product and even hear a few nutrition experts weigh in.

We Try Mountain Dew Cheetos

We love unusual snacks, and the Japanese market is full of them – with a fast product cycle and lots of limited-time offers, it seems like there's always something new to try. Recently, we got our hands on one of 2014's most coveted Japanese snack oddities: Mountain Dew Cheetos.

Beer Goes Out-Of-The-Box

For most of us, our beer drinking habits fall into some pretty well-defined patterns. A pint from the tap at the bar, or maybe a bottle or can from a retail store to drink at home. But lately we've noticed that some establishments are stretching the boundaries of typical drinking occasions, making us reconsider when - and what - we're imbibing.

Taking the Tomato out of the Ketchup


We love ketchup - it's great on everything! But have you ever stopped to wonder why it's always tomato ketchup? A new project on Kickstarter is looking to open our eyes to a whole spectrum of ketchups - and as tomatoes are technically fruits, they've chosen other fruits as their varieties' bases.

A New Dimension in Candy

3-D printing company 3D Systems has teamed up with Hershey to explore new opportunities in printed confections. At CES this year, 3D Systems showed off a pretty big 3-D printing innovation - the ChefJet 3-D food printer, which can print surprisingly complex models using chocolate or sugar. Now, Hershey has signed on to help them to develop potential outputs for the technology, which looks to be targeted mainly at bakers and small foodservice providers.

Looking Ahead to 2014

Looking back at 2013, it's easy to see that one of the major food trends was the mashup: a combination of unlikely ingredients, flavors or cultures to create something fresh and unique. This year it gave us the cronut and the ramen burger, but it's a trend that's been with us quite a while - at least since the appearance of the Korean taco trucks, and certainly longer if you consider it part of the fusion trend that dominated the 90s.

Whole Foods (and whole foods) in the News


Your Cocktail Is In The Cards

We love the idea of using a deck of cards as a tool to help spark innovation. From the medieval Tarot deck to Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies, there have always been attempts to capture creative inspiration in a few slips of paper. But New York restaurant The Nomad is getting even more specialized, using a deck of custom cocktail cards to help diners construct their ideal tipple.