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Using AR to Cut Through Shelf Clutter


And the Next Pumpkin Spice Is...

Every fall, we watch as the pumpkin spice flavor trend expands further into every corner of our lives - from lattes to beer to lip balm - and wonder when a new seasonal flavor will rise up to snatch away its crown.

Expand Your Halloween Candy Horizons

We love Halloween candy just as much as the next office, but in this line of work, it's easy to get... a little jaded. So when our candy cravings strike, we tend to look for unusual flavors, hand-crafted ingredients, and truly cool packaging. Where are we getting our kicks? Click through for our favorite candy hookups -

Kelp: Kale of the Sea?

If you've been snacking on those little dried sheets of seaweed, you're not alone - the market for seaweed snacks is growing 30% annually. Entrepreneurs are now looking at kelp as a sustainable, climate-change-resistant crop with a strong potential to become the next hot ingredient.  

On The Hunt For The "Miracle" Moringa

While most leading-edge foodies are only now hearing the “superfood” buzz around moringa leaves, they’ve been on the CE radar ever since some of us discovered them on our far-flung tropical vacations (the pic above is from a surfer bar in Nicaragua).

It’s easy to see why the leaves and pods are touted as miraculous; they’re the rare vegan equivalent of milk and eggs: high in digestible protein, calcium and iron, not to mention vitamin C and antioxidants.

Reconsidering the 80s at Oleanders

One of the most-hyped NYC restaurant openings of the summer is fast approaching, and what it isn't is as interesting as what it is. Reclaimed wood by the yard? Nope. Simple farm-to-table dishes that celebrate heirloom ingredients? Sorry. Prohibition-era cocktails? Nowhere to be seen.

Espresso Tonic

Over the years, we've seen a lot of different ingredients getting mixed into coffee. More often than not, these additions tend to be creamy and a little heavy, turning the regular cup of joe into a milky confection. But that trend looks to be reversing, with the discovery that adding a little tonic water to your espresso (or cold-brew!) yields a drink that's crisp and light, with a complexity that puts it on par with some of our favorite summer cocktails.

Feline (or Canine) Bonding Time

Today's animal lovers are looking for new ways they can share bonding experiences with their favorite dogs and cats. Luckily, there are a lot of new products and services that can help make those dreams come true.  

Share A Meal  

An Apple Before You Shop...

Our friend Brian Wansink, star of several of our Expert Eyes videos, has just released some new findings from his work at the Cornell Food and Brand Lab. Did you know that eating an apple before shopping has been shown to make you buy 25% more fruits and vegetables? It's all about getting yourself in a healthy mindset before you start making all those little in-store decisions.

Heat Hits it Big


For those of us who watch food culture obsessively, it's easy to forget that beneath the constantly churning waves of blog-worthy trends and counter-trends there lies a mainstream that changes at a far slower pace. While hotter, spicier foods of all kinds are hardly news in the foodie sphere, we're seeing some signs that the broader American palette has started taking to the heat in a big way.