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Staples Goes 3D

Watch out, Shapeways-- Staples has announced a new 3D printing service in the Netherlands and Belgium. It'll be using the innovative IRIS 3D printer, which eschews the usual extruded plastic material in favor of layered paper. This also allows the printer to add color as it prints, resulting in photorealistic imagery as well as three-dimensional structure.

Samsung Launching Flexible Screens

Can’t see your text messages with that big crack on your screen blocking your view? Well here’s some good news for you--

Tech Gadgets Get a Charge


While electronic devices play a bigger role in our lives than ever before, the storm that blacked out much of the East Coast this month was a sober reminder that we can't always depend on the grid for our power needs! So we thought this would be a good time to check in on the latest developments in powering up our indespensable gadgets.

Solar Powered Screens

Interview with Angelo Vermeulen of Biomodd


In the first of our videos from this year's Maker Faire, we talk with Angelo Vermeulen, creator of Biomodd. Currently installed at the New York Hall of Science, the project explores symbiotic relationships between computers and organic material - in this case, plants and algae - and in the process suggests some fascinating opportunities for new green technology strategies and fresh ways of thinking about our computers. Check out the video to learn more!


Ironing Out a Design

Ironing clothes can be a pain on the go – not only do you need a heavy iron and space to do it, also you need an ironing board, and even if you’ve got the full set up, there’s always that one spot in your garment that’s just impossible to get to.

An Easy Answer to a Hard Problem

Its a common complaint – in the heat of the moment, who has time to fumble with a difficult condom wrapper?

Though he set out to design a condom wrapper for people with disabilities, British designer Ben Pawle has stumbled upon a package innovation that can give everyone a hand. Its a simple concept – a one handed condom wrapper that can be opened with a simple finger-clicking action.

Maker Faire Roundup

We had a great time at this year's Maker Faire! It was a bigger event than ever before, and even a little rain on Sunday didn't deter the crowds. We'll have video footage up soon, but in the meantime check out this photo gallery to get a feel for the Faire!


Eyes On the Maker Faire

What have you made lately? In an increasingly digital world, we all get the urge to build something tangible – and it’s that impulse that led to the creation of the Maker Faire. Now in its third year, the Faire will bring hundreds of exhibitors to the New York Hall of Science this weekend for two days of building, hacking and repurposing.

Burger Branding

Lookout cowpoke, here come the branded burger buns. But its not what you think – rather than delicious char marks from the grills, burger restaurants across the country are quite literally branding their burger buns with their logos for extra impact on the plate. And apparently, they’re increasing sales in the process - and bringing some innovation to the classic burger.

Previewing the Low Line

The spiritual successor to New York’s High Line might be a little more underground– literally. This past weekend, we checked out a proof-of-concept demo for the Low Line, a proposed park to be built in an abandoned underground trolley garage on the Lower East Side. A system of solar collectors and reflectors would direct sunlight down from the surface, allowing trees and grass to grow in the cavernous space and creating a dreamlike outside/inside atmosphere.