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Neighborhood Watch

Last time we told you about car sharing (strangers banding together to "buy" a car). Now there's kid sharing. Well, sort of.

Increasingly, harried parents are joining forces to form babysitting cooperatives, in which member parents share babysitting duties. Points are collected for every hour you watch someone else's kids, and points are lost for the time your kids are watched by others.

Teen Trend: Venus Envy Jr.

Venus Envy - (VE-nuhs, EN-vee), noun

Social phenomenon whereby more men than ever are getting in touch with their feminine sides (e.g. male cosmetic surgery, guys who primp, male eating disorders).

It's hitting them younger and younger.

Tokyo Charisma

There's a new kind of conformity in Japan that has nothing to do with being reserved and respectful.

The current teen street-style in Tokyo is all about standing out and getting noticed...through dress and demeanor. In plain English, here's the translation:

Karismu - from the English word charisma, it's now a behavioral movement in Japan. Outspoken and stylish store employees are known as "Karismu clerks" - they're the ones responsible for all those crazy fashion trends.

Emo Rock

Call it music of the "sensitive man"...or love songs with some umpff. It's Emo Rock, short for Emotional Rock, and it's the latest music sensation to sweep the nation.

No we're not talking cheesy 'N Sync ballads. Emo Rock has its roots in Punk Rock and grew out of the Midwestern college band scene.

Today, you can listen to these broken-hearted testaments with a punk twist on radio waves all around the country, from bands like The Promise Ring (pictured above) and The Get Up Kids.