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Girls Behaving Badly

The old saying goes that girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. If current trends are any indication, though, today’s girls are much heavier on the spice than the sugar.

Examples of girls behaving badly are all around us, from gambling to bullying and every other kind of misbehavior in between.

U.S. Department of Justice stats show that although boys still commit the majority of violent acts, arrests for violent crimes are increasing at a much faster rate among girls. They’re up 125% for girls, while for boys, only 67%.

Wrinkle Free

On a recent plane ride, we met a dermatologist from Down Under who is doing some very progressive non-invasive treatments to get rid of wrinkles. We were fascinated by the details, and we think you will be, too.

Meat Market

Today's hottest club scenes are filled not with cosmos and dancers, but with carnivores and T-bones.

The steakhouse is back- and it's not your father's steakhouse. Today's chophouse appeals more to the female population (no big surprise here, since all the skinny girls fear carbs more than they do Mad Cow Disease).

At hot steakhouses like L.A.'s Lincoln Steakhouse Americana and The Lodge, you'll find lighter décor, velvet ropes and club-style music. What you won't find, besides carbs, are pot-bellied men puffing cigars.

Retro Fitness

Many of today's exercises are resurrected from the past. The popular Pilates, for example, was first practiced by dancers back in the 1940's. Now, several 'new' exercises borrowed from other times and places are poised to knock Pilates off its pedestal.

Low Carb and Lovin' It

Lest you think this whole low carb craze is a passing fad, you'll want to meet George Stella, the new, somewhat unconventional face of the diet.

He's not a doctor or a scientist... he's a trained chef. And, he knows firsthand what it's like to lose weight (a LOT of weight) by cutting back on carbs. Stella shed a whopping 240 pounds several years back when his entire family adopted an Atkins-style diet. Now he's bringing his doctrine, and his recipes, to the masses.

The Bathroom Scoop

Lately, we've heard a lot of noise coming out of bathrooms all over America.

Fitness on the Incline

So much hype has been made over the expanding waistlines of Americans, but until now, there hasn't been much motivating the obese to get to the gym (clearly the promises of better health and weight loss are not enough).

Fitness may be on the incline, though, if Gin Miller has her way. She's the woman who put the step in aerobics. Now Miller's goal is to ramp things up, literally, for the older and more out-of-shape among us.

Blueberry Season

While the rest of the world is taking advantage of the summer crop by mixing blueberries into muffin batters and cereal, some food scientists have found an alternate source for them... your meat.

The Drink Doctor

We've been hearing a lot about consumers who are coming out of their cocoons. Apparently, going OUT is back IN.

But, for those who fear that long, wild nights will imperil their overscheduled, deadline-filled days, there's a new product to consider.

It's a dietary supplement called Dr, intended to prevent hangovers. Dr comes in the form of drops that a party-goer can add to his or her alcoholic drink. The number of drops needed vary according to the type of drink (beer calls for 6 drops, hard alcohol 5, and wine just 4).

The New Volley

We thought it was a fluke the first time we heard about it. Grown adults playing ping-pong? And not while poolside, on vacation? All of our coolest friends were doing it, yet we still had trouble believing ping-pong was hip again.

Then we checked with those uber-trendistas... Japanese teenagers.
Sure enough, the hottest movie rocking Japan right now is an animated feature called "Ping Pong." It's based on the popular comic series of the same name, and with slick computer graphics, techno music and young idols, it's creating a veritable ping-pong fervor in the East.