Eye Sightings Archive

Eating Out, Eating Healthy

February 14, 2005

Dining out is one of the biggest challenge dieters face, because usually they can only guess at the caloric content of the dishes they order. Now there’s a movement to take the guesswork – and guilt – out of the restaurant experience.

Gym Games

January 10, 2005

January has arrived, and so has New Year’s Resolution season. Along with the crowd, we headed back to the gym, filled with grim resolve, but this year we found something new – or old, rather. Last spring we noted that childhood playground favorite Dodgeball was making a comeback among adults (see Eye Sighting: Retro Fitness, 4/6/04) and now this has blossomed into a full-scale "play time at the gym" movement. Many gyms are offering classes that try to make exercise into a game.