Eye Sightings Archive

Spring Cleaning

April 5, 2001

Stock market volatility may have consumers tightening their belts, but they're not necessarily rolling up their sleeves.

In a thousand-person study on household cleaning by the Opinion Research Corporation, a quarter of those polled said they don't scrub floors, a fifth claim not to do windows and a third won't iron.

Cleaning services/maids are still popular despite the lagging economy. Most penny pinchers say they would prefer to cut back on domestic help rather than eliminate it altogether.

Going to Extremes

March 21, 2001

Remember when marketers would use words like ULTRA, MEGA and MAX on their packaging to let consumers know their product had that something extra - whether it was flavor, stain-fighting power, absorbency or whatever else?

Today we seem to be going to new extremes to drive the point home. EXTREME is being used as a descriptor on everything from pickles and popcorn to bandages and even Slinkys.

Pucker Up...

March 8, 2001

Citrusy fruits (especially grapefruit) seem to be the flavor du jour.

First we heard about the big move to bring American orange juice to supermarket shelves all over Israel.

Culinary Adventurism?

February 20, 2001

Now that we've seen the folks on "Survivor" feasting on rats and worms, we have to ask the question...is the mainstream going to join in on the culinary adventurism?

We looked for signs and here's some of the strange feasting that seems to be growing in popularity: