Eye Sightings Archive

The New Male Bonding

July 30, 2001

Last week we told you about the new female separatism, which includes a ladies-only hotel and segregated airplane seating.

Well, now we pay homage to the men who, not to be outdone by the ladies, are starting some trends of their own.

The Ladies' Clubs

July 25, 2001

We've talked about gender blurring in the past - women gaining more power than ever in society (traditionally a man's domain) and men acting like women in a lot of ways (we call it "Venus Envy"). But lately, we've come across something that seems to buck this trend.

A women-only section on airplanes. A hotel that bans men. Is there a new feminine movement to distinguish the ladies from the gents?

Sweet, Minty-Fresh and Tingly All Over

July 12, 2001

What qualifies as a great new product? For us, it's either something we've already thought of, really hoped for, or now can't live without. Here are a few of our recent faves:

Cocktail Candy. New from Planet Sugar, cocktail candies are flavored sugar crystals you can use to rim your glass and flavor your drink (just as salt is used in margaritas). The sugars come in varieties like Strawberry, Mango, Chocolate, and Coffee; and they even come with recipes for cocktails. Available at www.cocktailcandy.com for $12.95 a tin.


July 6, 2001

Marketers spend a great deal of time and energy trying to understand the emotions felt by their consumers. Well soon, computers will be able to do the same. Not only will they detect human emotions, they'll also be programmed to react to them.

Junior Gourmets

June 26, 2001

There's so much talk about consumers spending increasingly less time cooking. But there's one target group that's actually flocking to the kitchen - Kids.

Credit the cooking channels, of which you will find plenty of pint-sized devotees; or perhaps Generation Swapping - a trend in which adults act like kids and children act like sophisticates.