Eye Sightings Archive

A Bathing Ape

October 29, 2001

It used to be that consumers wanted what they couldn't afford. Now, it's clear they want what they can't have. Or at least what's very hard to get.

Nowhere is there a better example of this than in fashion. Recently, we traveled to Japan, the home of some of the globe's most inspired street fashions. It didn't take long for us to figure out that the more underground the "look," the more in demand it was for Tokyo's uber-hipsters.

Airport De-Stressers

October 16, 2001

Here at Consumer Eyes, our MicroEscape trend refers to quick and simple ways in which people can get away from the stress and tribulation of their everyday lives. Think massages, indulgent desserts, or meditation.

It used to be that airports, and traveling in general, were stressful because of delays or long layovers. These days, most consumers have bigger worries about air travel. All the more reason to enjoy the airport MicroEscape.

They're arriving at airports everywhere... easy ways in which passengers can reduce stress and help relieve anxiety.

Disaster Eating

October 5, 2001

For the past few weeks, we've heard over and over again the phrases "everything's changed" and "things will never be the same again."

You may have also noticed that in that time, you haven?t been receiving your weekly Eye Sighting.

Well, we promise the two are not entirely connected. While our Eye Sightings were shut down for a time due to technical problems, the hiatus has also given us a chance to digest the events of September 11th and begin to determine their impact on the consumer landscape and trends.

Remembering and Returning to Order

September 20, 2001

Over the past year, we at Consumer Eyes have brought you a weekly view of some small part of the consumer landscape - a new trend, a behavioral observation, global goings-on. Along with the 'Sighting,' we like to add our own interpretation.

At this confusing time, we thought we would show you the scene that we're observing right now outside of our office windows.

Fast Food Congregation

September 6, 2001

We're hearing about how people are flocking to houses of worship in droves. Everywhere, churches, temples and mosques are filled to capacity. We're searching, it seems, for some spiritual meaning in all of this turmoil.

Well, even if the faithful don't find meaning, they may at least find something to buy. There's a trend among churches -- mixing business with worship. In some cases, it's about attracting more parishioners. In others, it's more about commerce and convenience.