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The Age of the Goddess

Worshipping the goddess sounds more like an offshoot of the teen Wiccan trend than what it really is - the latest (and increasingly ubiquitous) way of celebrating all things female. And of stealing from the past.

Belly dancing classes are gaining popularity, but not as a mere exercise form. Today's belly dancers (and we found them even in towns like Rochester, NY and rural towns in NJ) cry out goals such as "Let your spirit soar!" and "Adorn yourself as the goddess that you are."

For those women looking for accreditation, Mama Gena?s School of Womanly Arts in Manhattan runs goddess finishing school classes. Participants are branded "Sister Goddesses" and taught how to access their own power and enjoy "pleasure, sensuality and greediness." Mama Gena, who will soon publish a book on the subject, claims feminine power (the kind our ancestral goddesses knew so much about) is the greatest untapped natural resource of our time.

Women may be trusting their own feminine sensibilities and power more, and marketers need to not only recognize this, but be able to respond to it.