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Age Exploration

They say that to really get to know your consumer you need to walk in his shoes. Well how about walking around in his body?

The new Age Explorer Suit makes it possible for marketers to experience life as an average 70-year-old does. The full-body age-simulation suit has over 13 pounds of added weight so the wearer feels heaviness in the limbs and joint stiffness. There's also a visor that restricts vision, earmuffs to give the impression of partial deafness and pin-like devices in the fingers to simulate arthritis.

The suit's makers say they are trying to help make society more senior-friendly. Since so many designers -- of everything from stores to cars, escalators and hotels -- are decades away from their golden years, the Age Explorer may be the only way to really understand what it feels like to be older.

If that's not enough for you, the same scientists are working on a suit that accounts for not just the physical, but also the mental changes that go along with aging.